Rio Bravo Christian Ministries

Rio Bravo Christian Ministries

Rio Bravo Christian Ministries exists for the purpose  of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ along the north border of Mexico in the state of Coahuila.

In the year 2000, after several years of working with Mario Calderon of MBC Ministries both as short-term and full-time workers, Brad and Linda Berg began ministering in Mexico as Rio Bravo Christian Ministries.

 The focus of this work has been:  new church planting, evangelist financial support, training and teaching others, assisting other churches along the border with their teaching or building needs, providing disbursements of food, clothing and teaching resources as needed among the local churches and offering an opportunity for short-term mission service.

 Two churches were planted and as of July of 2015, both are functioning independent of Rio Bravo Christian Ministries, as was the goal many years ago.

See their Facebook page for more information.