New Schedule starting 1/9/22

New Schedule starting 1/9/22

Given the rising number of Covid cases not just in our community but also among our church family, the elders have decided to suspend our 9:30 AM Disciple Hour classes for all age groups until further notice.

Our Disciple Hour classes are held in much smaller rooms with limited space to move around and spread out. We are hoping that a pause will help limit the spread of Covid as much as we are able. Because the Fellowship Hall where we are meeting for worship is much larger, we will continue to meet as usual at 8:15 and 10:45 AM. We’ve added more chairs to allow for even more spacing in the room.

Provided we continue to have the volunteers, we will still have Children’s Church for children 2 years old through 5th grade and the Nursery for children up to 2 years old at 10:45 AM. We are still asking everyone 2 years old at older to wear a mask in the building, practice good hand hygiene, and to stay home at any sign of illness.

Our worship service will continue to be streamed live at 8:15 AM on the church’s Facebook page. The recording of the service is available shortly after that. We hope you’ll log on and be with us online if, for whatever reason, it’s best for you or your family to stay home.

We’re praying, church! We’d ask that you pray along with us as we seek to stay healthy and serve our community during this crazy time. Please continue to stay in contact with each other. Calls, texts, emails, video chats, and even an actual card in the mail can help us to stay united and together. You’d be amazed at how much it can mean to people.