Summer wind down, I mean wind up!

Summer wind down, I mean wind up!

Hello church,

Summer is an interesting time in the life of most churches. For some, things wind down a bit. Most of our small groups are meeting less frequently. Energize is on summer break. Other ministries, like our student ministry, is winding up. Have you all seen the calendar of events that they have coming up? It’s going to be a great summer for them!

Despite changing schedules, it’s so important for us to stay connected with each other. Send a text message letting someone know you’re thinking of them. Ask them for things that you can pray about for them. Send your small group a vacation photo letting them know that despite the distance they are still in your thoughts and prayers. Use the extra free time to grill out and invite friends and neighbors over. It’s good for our “church” friends and our neighbors to get to know each other.

Enjoy the summer schedule!


Brian Rotert