Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Central Student Ministry


9:30-10:30am – Student Ministry Room 210

We all need a little of encouragement.  A little fire lit under us to get up and moving.  Every Sunday morning at 9:30 we get up, after sleeping in a little bit, to ignite a fire in our lives.  We talk and discuss ways to help us live our lives on fire for Jesus, to whom we worship, pray, and hear from through Scripture. Whether you consider the student ministry your second family or are walking in for the first time, high school and junior high students gather for a fun time of growth and community   New faces are always welcome to join in on the celebration!


4:00-5:30pm – Jr. High & High School

Communities are a wonderful thing.  A seemingly random group of people who are brought together because of one commonality.  StuCo (Student Community) is just that, a group of wonderfully amazing, unique, and fun students who come together because we have one thing in common, Jesus!  We strive to provide clarity to God’s Word and His will in the students’ lives, and we have a lot of fun doing it! The purpose of StuCo is for students to GROW in their understanding and ability to respond to difficult and relevant issues or topics as Christ’s disciples. Topics and questions are addressed, discussed, and researched so students are prepared to defend their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a great time to come, have some fun, and connect and be part of StuCo.


Road Trip        

Road Trip 2020 Flyer – Does having crazy fun this summer along with growing in your faith seem like an impossible combo? Well good news! Road Trip is here just for you. It’s a one week trip to the beautiful Lake Huron National Forest filled with so many fun experiences, once in a lifetime opportunities, so many laughs, delicous food, and more! So click the link to sign up quickly because space is limited. The Road Trip runs July 18-24th. the early bird all inclusive rate begins at $250.

Road Trip is the highlight of our students each here. Here are some of their thoughts about Road Trip.

When people ask what I do over the summer, the first thing I talk about is Roadtrip. Roadtrip allows Central Christian Church’s youth group to connect and grow stronger relationships. We learn about God and have fun the whole week. Wherever we end up going, whether its a cabin or a campground, we always come back with a lot of memories. Roadtrip helps revitalize our youth group so the teenagers can be ready to be fishers of men. While revitalizing is a word I use to describe Roadtrip, relaxing is not. We are always doing something, whether it’s praising God, sharing stories, playing board games, or sponge baseball. To enjoy God’s nature, we have gone hiking, water tubing, star gazing, and swimming. Roadtrip allows you to dig into God’s Word. The sponsors tell testimonies and we have lessons that all relate back to one main topic. Last year the topic was about the relentless pursuit of God. We learned to always pursue God because He knows what lies ahead. Roadtrip is a life changing moment that has shown me how I can live my life according to God.           Mia (Sophmore)

There aren’t enough words to describe how much Road Trip and even my youth group means to me. They both have been instrumental in making me who I am. Not only do I have tons of fun on Road Trip, but I learn so much more about my relationship with my friends and my relationship with God. It really is one of the best weeks of the year and I wouldn’t be the same person if I didn’t go. Even though we don’t have any electronics, nobody really minds. It’s a very cleansing week physically and spiritually. We may not get much sleep, but you don’t really care when you’re having the time of your life.
Like I said, there aren’t many words to express it, but I truly love how much Road Trip means to me and how much it has changed my life for the better. The leaders, and all the students that go always have the best time and I never worry once about what someone thinks about me. God’s love shines through each and every one of us, every day we are there.
Road might not sound appealing but to me this is what Road Trip is:…We all gather together in a stinky van for a long ride across multiple states. We don’t have much privacy and we even sleep in the vans. We get there and the next day we have to wake up early. We get up early almost everyday. We have to clean up after meals and make sure our rooms stay clean. Speaking of which we have to share rooms and bathrooms. But you know what else it is? It’s a week jam packed with games and good food and fun times. We always have wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We always play games and hangouts. We even sometimes get to swim. Then later in the week we might even go to a theme park. And we always save time for God, in the morning we do devotionals, and we do worship, meetings, and small groups too. This whole week is just one giant blessing. A blessing from the leaders, the prayer partners. A blessing from God.
The students that go on Road Trip never really leave the same. Whether it’s because they got destroyed in a game of cards or whether it’s because they realized that they can have friends and even a family with our youth group and with God too.
It’s a blessing from God. And I will be thanking him for it for the rest of my life.                              Addie (Sophmore)

Road Trip has been very important to me. I have gone for four years in a row and every time I grow spiritually. Spending a week together without your phone, and your job, and any responsibility you have, puts you in a place with no distractions, where you can focus all of your attention on growing closer to God. Its also a ton of fun! Brian always keeps us on our toes with fun games and activities: swimming, hiking, and even Kings Island! I strongly encourage anyone to go. Spend a week away from technology and distractions, and use that time to strengthen your faith. Road trip also brings the whole youth group together. You will make new friends, lifelong friends, friends you will walk alongside as you learn about Christ. My favorite memory of road trip is all the concerts we went too. I’ll admit, Christian artist aren’t always the most entertaining, but if you are with the right people it’s awesome! We got super hype to Toby Mac and David Crowder. And the legend Chris Tomlin made all of us cry, everyone, even the leaders. Its memories like these that I will remember forever, and strong friendship I can cling to when I need a brother. God grew me through road trip, he taught me so much, I’m sure he has great things in store for you too.                               Trey (Senior)


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Lunch Bunch

Join us weekly for a casual fellowship lunch at Alpine View Restaurant. Please contact Chuck Nelson at (815) 988 9157 with any questions.

Young at Heart

Join us for an informal lunch as we discuss a variety of topics that impact senior adults. Contact the church office at (815) 399-6767 or e-mail so we can reserve your spot!

Quilting Club

We’re putting our skills to work! Join us as we make a variety of projects which go to help the needy and non-profits in the our area. Bring a sewing machine if you have one, or borrow one of ours. The costs are minimal and only include materials.