It’s About to Get Cold in Here!

It’s About to Get Cold in Here!

VBS 2017, Operation Artic, is only a few short weeks away!

Grab your parka and snow boots and get ready to explore! The Arctic Circle is a fascinating region like no other in the world. But what I’m most excited about, is the fascinating Book we are going to explore, THE BIBLE! We will build on the following BIBLE acronym each day:

B = Book of Books – The first day, the kids will discover there’s just NO book like it and how it’s unique in so many ways!

I = Incredible Impact – The second day, the kids will explore the impact the Bible’s teachings have made upon our world!

B = Bedrock Base – The third day, the kids will see that there is no shifting sand here—we’ve got God’s Word to base our lives on. He’s our Rock!

L = Letter of Love – The fourth day, the kids will learn that the Bible is a letter of love in which God tells us how we can become His children!

E = Exciting to Explore – The fifth day, the kids will be challenged to learn it, love it, and live it!

Every day, our kids are bombarded with the message that the Bible isn’t the true Word of God, that it can’t be trusted to tell us the truth about the past or, more importantly, about how we can receive the gift of eternal life. During Operation Artic, kids will warm up to the Word as they explore the coolest Book on the planet and discover how we can know FOR SURE that the Bible is God’s written Word to us!!!

Our VBS Director, Sarah Jakymiw, and the VBS crew have spent countless hours planning for this great week of exploring and fun! Please be praying that God will use this ministry to reach the lost in our community and that the truth of the BIBLE will be known. It truly is the “COOLEST” Book on the planet…today…yesterday…and forever!!!