The alarm sounds – and the winner is…

The alarm sounds – and the winner is…

This morning, when the alarm went off, it took a moment for the body parts to decide they were ready to get moving.  They were presenting me with multiple reasons to remain still.  It was an interesting conversation.  But fortunately, I am part of something bigger than just the way my body was feeling when I first awakened.

Want a reason to get out of bed in the morning?  Want to be part of something big?  Yes, you do.  Everyone does.  Somehow, we’re just wired with the desire for our lives to matter.  We all need a reason to draw another deep breath, stretch, and face the rigors of the world.  Children feel the need to learn and discover.  Young adults feel the drive to put their learning into practice.  Older people long to know that their lives still matter.

I had the opportunity just this afternoon to visit with Gary and Rosie Finley of International Disaster Emergency Services, one of our missions regularly supported by CCC.  For 44 years, IDES has been providing disaster relief, hunger relief, medical care, development, and the gospel message for countries around the world.  Last year, IDES funded over 257 different projects in 36 foreign nations and the US.  CCC has partnered with this group both financially and hands-on for years.  Since IDES began keeping computer records in 2000, CCC has given over $145,000 through them.  In other words, by whatever way you have helped with this, you have been a part of something big!

This past Saturday, we had over 80 people gather at CCC to volunteer their time and energy in service projects.  I know that one goal of one of those groups was to fill 30 care boxes with basic hygiene supplies for IDES to give where needed.  We ended up with enough materials to fill 100.   Now, they’re on their way to IDES’ headquarters.  Like the impact of each of those boxes, we have no idea just how far-reaching the effects will be of each person’s hours that were given this past Saturday.  I just know that Jesus told us to care about and help those who need it.  Whenever we do that, we’re a part of something big, doing the work of the Kingdom of God.

Consider the amazing things that have been accomplished over the centuries by people who were able to keep the big perspective, who saw themselves involved in something that was bigger than just themselves.  It gave them the ability to continue in what sometimes seemed like small and insignificant roles, but to press on because they were part of something much bigger.  If all I’m doing is packing a box, pushing a broom, or writing a check, I’m going to lose my reason to continue.  But if what I’m doing has the potential for God to take it and use it in a way that it will add another soul to Heaven forever, I think I can keep at it.  How about you?

At CCC, we’re not just trying to find “things to do.”  We’re seeking to engage the resources and people God has brought together here to make an impact of eternal significance.  I’d call that a reason to get out of bed in the morning!